NTI SYSTEM Co., Ltd. is a leading IT technology service provider in Hong Kong. We provide digital transformation support and software development services, and have provided solutions for more than 100 customers in different industries. Our mission is to help customers accelerate digital transformation and solve complex problems that often arise in the transformation process. Whether it is consumer-oriented application software or enterprise-level solutions, we can provide continuous support from conception and concept to delivery.

We have experts in various fields such as cloud computing, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We have communications, Internet, real estate, financial technology, Various business scenarios such as aviation logistics and e-commerce can provide and formulate multiple different IT Support solutions.

Our vision

Become the world's leading professional IT service provider

Our core value

Customer-centric, talent-oriented, and win-win cooperation

Our mission

Insist on bringing more and more value to customers with technology and service